Webinar On-Demand: Menopause Post Pandemic

As healthcare services begin to return to the ‘new-normal’ from the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a need to re-focus on menopause to ensure women receive the care and support they need to manage their perimenopausal symptoms and menopause journey.

This expert led webinar explored the current situation with delivering menopause care during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. The speakers, Dr Anne Connolly MBE & Dr Paula Briggs, discussed how we effectively manage menopause using case studies to bring the subject to life with both a practical and clinical approach.

This non-promotional event was organised by Theramex.

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Speakers & Agenda

Dr Anne Connolly MBE
Introduction & clinical case study setting the menopause delivery and treatment landscape during and post Covid. Read Anne’s biography >

Dr Paula Briggs
Managing common problems well such as urogenital atrophy and dealing with more challenging clinical scenarios such as menopause management in women with a history of cancer or venous thromboembolism. Read Paula’s biography >

Round up and where to go for further resources.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees gain an understanding of
• How Covid has changed menopause care.
• How to effectively treat menopause
• Optimising HRT management in women at increased risk
• Management of genitourinary syndrome of the menopause
• How to apply learning to clinical settings

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